May 12, 2009

Re: Bizarro Beauty Pageant World

Justin Katz

What caught my eye about the Miss USA story that Marc mentioned earlier was this line from an unattributed Providence Journal "staff" report:

Prejean created controversy when, during the live pageant broadcast, she gave her philosophy of marriage.

Not "confronted." Not even "caused." "Created." Out of the thin air of a perfectly benign question, Miss California created controversy with her not-to-be believed agreement with a majority of her countrymen and just about every culture throughout history.

Well, I suppose this is light fare — of interest only to language folks, like me — from a paper that's had regular pieces promoting the cause of same-sex marriage recently.

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I'm pleased that Trump did not strip the poster girl for the right wing welfare state of her crown, for two reasons:
1: He would have looked pretty stupid after letting the drunk keep her crown last year.
2: This lying sack (unlike Ms. R.I., she swore she didn't have topless pix in her past) is not worthy to be a free speech martyr. If only Perez Hilton had stopped to consider that before the living embodiment of the worst negative gay stereotypes started flapping his gums.
The worst shame about this whole incident is that the winner has been ignored, while the whiner (who claims she would've won if she hadn't been asked that question) gets all the glory.

Posted by: rhody at May 12, 2009 10:39 PM
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