April 8, 2009

Remote Control: Good for televisions; Not So Good for the Internet

Monique Chartier

Computer and internet tech stuff is not my forte. But wouldn't it be far more effective to build (or bolster as needed) protections and barriers into critical computer infrastructure - electric, water, banking - rather than create a shut-down switch to be operated remotely and, most likely, after the infrastructure has been attacked and damaged?

Under the new bill, a national cyber security adviser reporting to the president would coordinate the efforts of the U.S. intelligence community and civilian agencies on all cyber security matters. The adviser would have the authority to disconnect from the Internet any infrastructure network found to be at risk.

Not to mention a piddly item like giving the federal government ultimate control over the internet ...

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The fact is, an incredible amount is already spent building and bolstering "protections and barriers into critical computer infrastructure." But hackers still get in (keep in mind social engineering is among the easiest ways to gain access and is decidedly low tech).

You did see this, yes?

Posted by: Russ at April 9, 2009 2:07 PM
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