February 24, 2009

Science Education Breaks Through the Negotiation Firewall

Justin Katz

It appears that the most recent of the their multiple weeks off during the school year mellowed Johnston science teachers with regard to the new program that had recently been announced as foiled:

During their winter break, local science teachers changed their minds and decided to participate in a project to improve science education across Rhode Island, a school official said yesterday morning.

As of 10 a.m. yesterday, 14 science teachers and 9 special-education teachers had signed up for the program, gratifying the same officials who recently accused the teachers' union of trying to sabotage Johnston's leadership role in the statewide effort.

"I don't know what changed but I’m very pleased," Assistant Supt. Kathryn Crowley said. "I think they're going to benefit greatly from participating in this program. I thank them all."

Ms. Crowley should thank enraged Rhode Islanders, as well.

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They probably "negotiated" some additional free time, sick time, health benefit or any other myriad of freebies they think they are entitled to. Disgusting slobs, every one of them.

Posted by: Bill at February 24, 2009 5:05 PM
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