January 29, 2009

A Bleg for a Blog

Justin Katz

Long-time participants in the blogosphere — a group in which I'd include lurking readers — will be familiar with the term "blegging." It was coined, I believe, by Jonah Goldberg, of National Review, who used it to indicate a blog post begging for information from readers. Our current bleg is for financial support, as Monique explained to Matt Allen, last night, on the Matt Allen show. Stream by clicking here, or download it.

Monique and Matt are absolutely correct that, to the extent that we're able to raise money from readers, we won't have the appearance of being beholden to any particular interests. I'd stress, though, that our ideological drive and (at least my) stubbornness are strong protection against corruption-by-financing. This is currently volunteer work for all of us, and our sense of the project has been formed in that crucible, regardless of our ability to become, as Monique put it, "semi-pro."

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Just donated 100 days at your rate. Let's see what you can do....
In 100 days, the next donation may come out of my ProJo account - I am finding it more difficult to justify the weekday delivery - mostly ads, lifestyle and stale news.

Posted by: chuckR at January 29, 2009 12:24 PM
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