January 12, 2009

Links to the Gov's Stats

Monique Chartier

In his speech Wednesday evening, Governor Carcieri cited certain statistics pertaining to Rhode Island's taxing and spending. [These links are from my own research.]

Rhode Island's property tax burden is the seventh highest in the country.

H'mm, the Tax Foundation says we have the fifth highest property taxes, state and local combined.

School spending per pupil: Eighth highest

In 2007, RIPEC said that Rhode Island per pupil spending was ninth highest. In April, 2008, the Governments Division of the US Census Bureau reported that our per pupil spending is seventh highest.

Spending per capita on fire services: Number One

Yup, RIPEC concurs.

Spending for law enforcement: 13th highest

In 2007, RIPEC said we were fourteenth highest.

One bright note mentioned on other occasions by the Governor and worth repeating here: thanks to the General Assembly, our income tax rate is and will hopefully continue to be in flux.

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I’d like to point out your title is a little misleading “Spending per capita on fire services: Number One”

Indeed State of RI leads the nation in spending (fiscal year 2005) but it is the combined amount of state, all 39 cities and towns local and medical emergency service spending which is defined by U.S. Census Bureau as the following:

“Definition: Prevention, avoidance, and suppression of fires and provision of ambulance, medical, rescue, or auxiliary services provided by fire protection agencies.”

Heading: State & Local Fire Protection Spending Per Capita, 2005
Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Posted by: Ken at January 12, 2009 1:58 AM
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