January 9, 2009

Europe Still Europe

Justin Katz

Given what follows, it's difficult to comprehend Matthew Stevenson's initial statement that "the more general trend is European indifference to the policies of the United States." He proceeds to explain:

Economically, Europeans blame America’s financial narcissism for the recent market panic and recession.


On security, Europeans feel hung over from the binge of recent American imperialism.

I more or less stopped drinking a few months ago, but I don't recall ever being "indifferent" about a hangover, and if I'd ever had one because somebody else got drunk, I'd have been something quite different than ambivalent. And that brings us back to do.

Europe remains Europe: inclined to drift languorously off to a hibernal vacation from history and agitated whenever the nations keeping watch cry out an alarm.

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Actually Europe has been in the forefront of throwing out left wing governments and real forcefull measures against Third World iilegals.
Check out the last elections in places like Sweden, Holland, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, etc., etc. Also check out the polls in the UK and the new mayor of London.
Contrast that with the US-under the "yes we can" spell of a muslim-raised African.
Europe will be Europe long after the US has become North Mexico.

Posted by: Mike at January 9, 2009 7:22 PM
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