January 9, 2009

Election Bills Before the RI House

Carroll Andrew Morse

There are two bills regarding election procedures, already pending in the Rhode Island House of Representatives, that are worthy of public attention:

  • H5051, sponsored by Representatives Al Gemma (D-Warwick), Patricia Serpa (D-Coventry/Warwick/West Warwick), Joanne Giannini (D-Providence), Peter Kilmartin (D-Pawtucket) and Gregory Schadone (D-North Providence) which, to quote the official description, "would require all voters to provide proof of identification with their photograph issued by the state or federal government before voting."
  • H5052, sponsored by Representatives Gemma, Peter Petrarca (D-Johnston/Lincoln/Smithfield), John DeSimone (D-Providence), Laurence Ehrhardt (R-North Kingstown) and Jon Brien (D-Woonsocket) which would place a non-binding question on the next general election ballot, asking if the straight-party voting option should be discontinued in RI.

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What we really need is a notification system on the House's web site so when these bills are scheduled for hearing, it would notify me by email. I'd love to go testify on behalf of these bills. These bill should pass. As described by Andrew, these are great bills and I'm very surprised to see them sponsored by Democrats.

Posted by: pitcher at January 9, 2009 12:34 PM
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