December 3, 2008

Even Nature's Against the Taxpayer

Justin Katz

Apparently, Tiverton's deer population is conspiring to cost taxpayers even more money:

Deer have run into three of the town's police cruisers in the last 10 days, smacking the front of one and causing minor damage to the sides of two others. The repair bill will exceed $5,000, according to Police Chief Thomas Blakey.

Of course, other folks than the police are experiencing damage to their vehicles, but we can look to Gina Macris's excellent ending for relief:

Shotgun season for deer hunting starts Saturday.

I'm not sure what the market rate is for venison, these days, but perhaps there's a means for the town to make up some of that lost cash.

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I wonder if deer are eligible for "accidental disability"?
Maybe just in Cranston and WW!

Posted by: Mike at December 4, 2008 6:57 AM
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