November 16, 2008

RI Employment Update

Justin Katz

The Providence Journal Sunday jobs listing fits on a single side of a newsprint page — one-sixth of which is taken with an ad for Projo newspaper deliverers. (I circled that one.)

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As the Projo points out today, the only job market left in RI may be the mob-run black market.

An interesting sidenote, Tillinghast worked as Jim Langevin's driver. Now the Projo reports that somebody named Delgiudice from Warwick was also arrested in this operation. Didn't Langevin also have a Delgiudice on his payroll?!? Any connection?

Also, I wonder if Langevin gives nicknames like "Onions" to his staff......

Posted by: Anthony at November 18, 2008 9:17 AM
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