August 1, 2008

Crime in the Northeast

Carroll Andrew Morse

Is anyone else surprised by State Police Superintendent Brendan Doherty's assessment of the regional crime situation, as reported in today's Projo by Richard Dujardin

Doherty said he believes [the joint local/state/federal task force operating in Providence] has become necessary now more than ever because “crime in the Northeast is out of control.”
This is the first mention I've heard of a region-wide crime wave; are there other indicators out there pointing in the same direction?

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You mean besides the full-scale GANG WAR going on in Providence that the Princess of Providence and his cohorts at the ProJo have been covering up for the last five years?

Find a rank-and-file PPD officer and ask THEM about it.

Posted by: Greg at August 1, 2008 9:08 AM


Your comment helps refine part of my question. When Col. Doherty talks about crime in the northeast…

  • Is he talking about a regional trend, impacting multiple cities, that the people who study crime and policing in detail have idenitified, or
  • Is he using "northeast" as a euphemism for "Providence"?
Either way, it's not good.

Posted by: Andrew at August 1, 2008 9:18 AM

Col.Doherty does not beat around the bush or use code words.He is a consummate professional in his field as a police executive and going back almost 25 years I recall working with him when he was a detective and you could not ask to work with a more competent or honest officer.The State Police are fortunate to have such good leadership,just as Warwick is to have Col.McCartney-when either of these gentlemen say something,you can take it at face value.
Unfortunately Providence has a pathetic fraud with an oversized hat impersonating a police chief,having never actually been on the bricks.He lies with a straight face and has total disrespect for the taxpaying public.Unlike the aforementioned chiefs,Esserman is arrogant and I believe it is because he knows that he commands no respect on a personal basis.No surprise considering the mayor who appointed.How can crime be down with 41 vs.18 shootings in the same period last year?Stabbings haven't even been counted.
The bottom line is that if Col.Doherty is saying crime is up in the region,it is.
An interagency task force is a good idea.I spent 9 years on one concentrating on the narcotics trafficking business.Of course that was when Providence PD cooperated 100% with INS;before the de facto sanctuary city policy set in thanks to Esserman/Cicilline.

Posted by: joe bernstein at August 1, 2008 9:57 AM

Oh. I thought "Northeast" was a euphemism for Barrington.

Posted by: rhody at August 1, 2008 11:27 AM

Don't sell Barrington short.Aside from drunken spoiled brat hazardous teenagers Barrington gave us one the most disgusting,brutal murders in RI history-the Hightower case where the perpetrator picked up an 8 year old girl from the Y and buried her alive after killing her parents.If there is ever a better argument for the death penalty I'd like to know about it.Meanwhile he chows down three times a day.Nice.

Posted by: joe bernstein at August 1, 2008 12:11 PM

Regarding 'gang wars' above, do illegal aliens have anything to do with that?

What percentage of crimes now involve illegal aliens?

Does anyone know?

Posted by: Citizen Critic at August 1, 2008 2:07 PM

Citizen Critic,
If you take the liberal, America hating, slant then no crimes are committed by "undocumented" (illegal) aliens. They only break the law when (and it's such a minor one) they come across our borders to give their children (the ones they haven't bred yet) a better life.

Posted by: bobc at August 1, 2008 2:17 PM

Crimes by aliens are not necessarily committed by those illegally here.During my INS career we arrested almost as many resident aliens("green card" holders)as illegals for having criminal convictions rendering them deportable.It was oftena long process to deport a resident alien,but once they were gone they were subject to serious prison time for returning,as were illegals with convictions.Illegal deportees without convictions were usually not prosecuted by the US Attorney if they re-entered unless there was good evidence they were criminally involved.
Illegal alien gangs were a phenomenon that hadn't really picked up speed in New England when I retired in 1996.MS-13 and similar groups started out in places like LA and Chicago as defensive groups against victimization by established Latino-American and Afro-American gangs.They soon turned into predatory outfits more dangerous than the gangs they were formed against.
There are also organized crime type gangs of virtually every nationality-Latinos have no bigger slice of that pie than many other groups,and i can't write a book here.the drug business in New England ahs been run by aliens,both legal and illegal for 30 years.The only exceptions are grass and speed.You may see an Afro-American young man dealing crack,but even his wholesalers get their product from alien run organizations.Heroin comes in through Afghanistan,Pakistan,Myanmar,Mexico,Colombiaand other countries.It is often tarfficked by Nigerians,Chinese,Dominicans,,etc.Ccoaine mainly comes from Latin America,but may be trafficked by anybody including Albanians,Israelis,Russians and other unlikely sounding groups.Everyone likes dope money.Years ago the State Police called us with a Colombian-Israeli coke dealing consortium right on the East Side of Providence-this had to be about 21 or 22 years ago.Let's not forget the SE Asian gangs,although most members nowadays are US born citizens.
I hope this information was helpful.

Posted by: joe bernstein at August 1, 2008 2:42 PM

I know that *legal* immigrants have a crime rate that is LOWER than natural born citizens. Harvard professor James Q. Wilson wrote about that, as I recall.

Posted by: Citizen Critic at August 1, 2008 3:25 PM

I don't get your point.I wasn't comparing crime rates between US citizens and legal immigrants-most of the US citizens I arrested as an INS agent,aside from drug violators(while I was in the task force)were smugglers,fraud facilitators,and counterfeiters of immigration documents.Apples and oranges,because by job definition I concentrated on convicted criminals subject to deportation.What you say could very well be true.the comparison was of no interest to me in my assigned duties.
One thing about alien criminals-we can get rid of them by deportation-we're stuck with our native born or naturalized offenders.
Immigrants who are here legally are required to have a clean record to become a permanent ressident,so that is one factor,but many of those I arrested came here as youngsters and never bothered to naturalize-then they were shocked at being shipped out to the Azores,or the DR,or wherever after having picked up a few convictions for possession with intent to distribute or whatever.

Posted by: joe bernstein at August 1, 2008 3:41 PM

Jeez, Joe, and here I thought they were talking about the denizens of the State House......

Posted by: chuckr at August 1, 2008 4:02 PM

citizen critic-do you know when Wilson made these findings?I have a BS in Criminal Justice from John Jay college in NYC,but that dates to the early 70's and I am more familiar with the work of Orlando Wilson-I have heard of James Wilson,but honestly have no idea what his point of view is.

Posted by: joe bernstein at August 1, 2008 4:03 PM

chuckr-you might be correct-they could build a fence around that place and call it ACI North-just as many felons in there as Supermax LOL

Posted by: joe bernstein at August 1, 2008 6:15 PM

No, sorry, it's something I read back in college.

Posted by: Citizen Critic at August 1, 2008 6:22 PM

I’m just as confused as you are Andrew!

Joe B might have hit the nail on the head with his comments.

The FBI is publishing that crime in the Northeast has dropped and data presented by Providence PD to FBI show crime has dropped in the City of Providence!

Does anyone know really understand what State Police Superintendent Brendan Doherty's was basing his statement on?

Maybe based on the following paragraphs from the US Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center “New England High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area” 2008 Drug Market Analysis I’d be willing say State Police Superintendent Brendan Doherty may have been talking about the following:

“Illicit Finance
Illicit drug proceeds generated in the NE HIDTA region typically are laundered by traffickers through bulk cash and monetary instrument smuggling, money services businesses (MSBs), depository institutions, front companies, casinos, securities and futures instruments, and the purchase of real property and expensive consumer
goods. Wholesale-level traffickers transport drug proceeds in bulk, either in the form of cash (U.S. and foreign currency) or monetary instruments, to Canada or Mexico for eventual repatriation; they generally transport the proceeds in private vehicles or tractor-trailers.

They also transport bulk proceeds to New York City to be combined with other drug proceeds for eventual transport to southwestern states, Mexico, South America, or the Dominican Republic. Traffickers also ship drug proceeds through the mail, via package delivery services, and aboard commercial aircraft. Wholesale level traffickers operating in the HIDTA region use personal and business accounts to launder drug proceeds through depository institutions, a segment of the New England financial industry that ranked second in the number of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) filed from 2003 through 2007. For example, investigators in Rhode Island who were targeting steroid and HGH distributors seized nearly $3.6 million in 2007 from a DTO that used branches of Chinese banks in New York to launder drug proceeds. Wholesale-level traffickers also launder drug proceeds through MSBs, typically by electronic wire transfers of funds to
associates outside the HIDTA region or to domestic and international bank accounts owned by the trafficker or money brokers. MSBs ranked first in the number of SARs filed by the New England financial industry from 2003 through 2007.

Midlevel and retail traffickers operating in the region often launder proceeds by commingling them with legitimate funds generated in cash intensive area businesses such as clothing, music, and convenience stores; restaurants; tanning and nail salons; and travel agencies. Additionally, retail drug distributors often purchase real estate,
expensive clothing, jewelry, high-end consumer electronics, and automobiles with the proceeds from illegal drug sales.

Mexican DTOs will most likely further expand their drug distribution operations in the HIDTA region over the next year; they will inevitably serve a greater role in the wholesale distribution of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and ice methamphetamine
in New England. They may capitalize on any future cocaine shortages in New England
by introducing larger supplies of ice methamphetamine into the region as an alternative stimulant.

Heroin abuse will remain a primary drug threat to the NE HIDTA region over the next
year. SA heroin will remain widely available and abused and may become an even greater threat if street-level prices further decline. Additionally, the availability of Southwest Asian (SWA) heroin in the region may increase if heroin demand escalates.
Canadian law enforcement officials report that SWA heroin has replaced Southeast Asian heroin as the primary type of the drug available in Canada. SWA heroin traffickers may be inclined to smuggle a portion of their supplies to the HIDTA region to meet increasing heroin demand, given the region’s proximity to Canada.

More prescription narcotics abusers will switch to heroin use, attracted by the drug’s lower cost and higher potency; as a result, heroin-related treatment admissions will quite likely increase throughout the region. Canada-based Asian DTOs that supply distributors
operating in the NE HIDTA region will pose a growing threat as they expand their high potency marijuana and synthetic drug distribution networks. These groups will most likely use well established marijuana distribution networks to attempt to introduce larger quantities of synthetic drugs into the region.

The level of violence occurring among street gangs competing for drug distribution territory in New England is likely to escalate if gangs continue their recruitment of new members from middle schools and high schools; street gangs in the region will be able to work larger territories with more members.”

Posted by: Ken at August 2, 2008 12:04 AM

Col.Doherty has an extensive background in criminal intelligence,financial crime investigation,and overseeing other complex investigations.And remember,he was placed on the Board of Directors at Beacon after the irregularities were discovered to help bring the situation back under responsible control.You can pretty much take what Col.Doherty says to the bank.
BTW I wouldn't believe "Chief"Esserman if he told me the wind was blowing during a hurricane.

Posted by: joe bernstein at August 2, 2008 11:09 AM
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