April 11, 2008

Toward Calm and Constructive Dialogue

Justin Katz

Credit is due to the editorial writers of the Rhode Island Catholic for the following:

Unfortunately, many groups and individuals have failed to grasp the call for calm and constructive dialogue on this serious issue. Last week at the Rhode Island State House, while an immigrant group loudly protested Governor Carcieri's actions, they also stormed his policy offices in defiance of security officials. Neither serves the common good of society nor do they help secure a positive and peaceful dialogue about serious issues facing immigrants and the State of Rhode Island.

If the state's and country's religious and other moral leaders would voice this point more strongly, coupled with the conveyance that they actually understand the objections of the other side, they might help to pull people together toward fruitful discussion. Unfortunately, even were such an effort likely, resolution will remain beyond our cultural grasp as long as immigrants and activists insist on making "un pueblo unido" their centerpiece, because their only route toward victory is by means of a divided nation.

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An Open Letter to the Clergy who have chosen to opine on the Gov's EO,

As a person of faith, whose esteemed spiritual leader has recently spoken out against the Gov's EO, I have been struggling to reconcile what you preach on the Sabbath vs. your perspectives on illegal immigration. They live here illegally - they use our services - police, fire, hospitals, schools...they take resources away from those who are here legally - THIS IS STEALING. Yet you, esteemed spiritual leaders, come out in their defense? I thought redemption requires repentence? If you feel so strongly about supporting the illegal immigrants, how about you start paying taxes on your ivory towers.

Posted by: The Chorus at April 11, 2008 6:03 PM

There's a lot of people supporting gay marriage and reproductive choice who would like to see the Catholic Church have to pay taxes, too.
Just a thought, not a position.

Posted by: rhody at April 12, 2008 1:02 AM
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