February 18, 2008

Can't Blame 'Em

Justin Katz

Filling in for Dan Yorke on 630WPRO, Matt Allen's been talking about the ability of apparent prosperity to elevate men's chances when it comes to wooing attractive women. I emailed him that the thought that money bought love used to really bother me. Recently, though, the amount that I work, the struggles to get by, the lack of resources for anything that falls short of necessity, especially in light of our children — these things have helped me to understand why the guys driving by my Newport construction site in their BMW SUVs so often have attractive passengers.

I can't blame the women. The life that you'll be able to have together is certainly a factor in one's attraction to potential mates, and money, prosperity, is a key marker.

I will say, however, that I'm glad that I looked unreasonably likely to be successful, when I was younger. It's too late for my wife; she's too heavily invested, at this point.