February 9, 2008

Four Reasons to Stick to Coursework

Justin Katz

Sadly, it seems unlikely that Brown philosophy professor Felicia Nimue Ackerman's attitude is the majority one on American (at least New England) campuses. Here are four reasons that she didn't "devote a portion of class time" on a particular week "to teach about climate change":

Reason 1: Climate change is not what students signed up to study in my courses. ...

Reason 2: I am unqualified to teach about climate change. ...

Reason 3: My students can have better opportunities to learn about climate change. ...

Reason 4: I do not think climate change is the most important social problem in the world.

No doubt Ms. Ackerman and most Anchor Rising readers would have strong disagreements about any number of things, but her attitude certainly establishes a shared principle on which to build further discussion.

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this sounds like a person with common sense-i have no idea what she teaches in her course,but at least she has the professionalism to avoid becoming a mind slave of the leftist politburo at brown-to be politically correct thay obviously want professors to introduce non-sequitir issues into a course because it's the cause celebre of the year,week,decade,whatever-i don't care if she's a leftist or not -whatever her point of view she won't be bullied

Posted by: joe at February 9, 2008 11:45 AM
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