August 30, 2007

Rocco DiPippo: "If we let them down, we forever lose the right to call ourselves a moral people."

Carroll Andrew Morse

Rhode Islander Rocco DiPippo, recently returned from Iraq, makes his Pajamas Media debut today...

When detailed pictures of the police stations were dropped on my desk, I looked them over and thought, “How the hell will I get this job get done?”

After six months of difficult work, all 17 police stations had been completed, on time and within budget. That was accomplished in what has been called one of the most dangerous places on earth.

The main reason the police station project succeeded was that most of the Americans and Iraqis assigned to it learned to trust and respect each other, to cooperate, and to focus on a common goal, seeing it through completion. Without the mutual trust and respect, the project would have failed.

So it is with the effort to stabilize Iraq – without trust and respect between coalition and Iraqi security forces and ordinary Iraqis, no amount of weaponry or diplomacy will succeed in bringing peace there. And nothing can accelerate that process more than a firm commitment from the US that it will stand side-by-side with the Iraqi security forces, and with ordinary Iraqis, until peace and stability is at hand – no matter how long that takes to achieve.

Read the whole thing.

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If we don't stop being the world's bully, withdraw ALL troops from overseas to the Mexican border, we will lose the right to call ourselves a free country.

Posted by: Mike at August 31, 2007 9:10 AM
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