July 30, 2007

Open Thread: Thompson for President

Carroll Andrew Morse

In a few recent RI political events that I have attended where the Presidential campaign has been discussed, I have yet to see an organized Fred Thompson showing. In light of this, my two questions are…

  1. Is there a Thompson organization forming in Rhode Island?
  2. Is the slow Thompson start in RI indicative of a larger trend, i.e. has the Thompson campaign already written off the northeast?

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There are some people in Rhode Island who have been communication with people from Fred Thompson's "campaign." I use that word in quotes, as since he is not an announced candidate as of this point, he does not really have a campaign yet (although he does have a presidential exploratory committee).

I think they are deliberately trying to stay under the radar at the moment. Once he makes his announcement, I think you'll see more visibility from people who support him, both here and elsewhere.

Posted by: Will at July 30, 2007 11:48 AM

Officially announced candidacy or not, if he doesn't start putting some effort into the Northeast soon, it'll only play into the criticism that he's lazy.
And the stories of people quitting his campaign telling tales of the trophy wife's interference don't help. He'll have to take that issue head-on, too.

Posted by: Rhody at July 31, 2007 12:40 AM
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