July 12, 2007

Not the Final Note on John McCain, but Close

Carroll Andrew Morse

As your local correspondents to the right-side of American politics, Anchor Rising should make a note of Senator John McCain’s rapidly fading Presidential candidacy (he’s doing poorly in fundraising, downsized his campaign, and has fired most of his senior campaign staff). However, for those of use who spend too much time watching politics, even before the succession of bad news, it had become pretty obvious that his campaign had become the equivalent of an NFL team going into week 17 that needed not only to win its last game, but also needed 2 or 3 other things to happen in order to make the playoffs.

In McCain’s case, the scenarios were…

McCain makes round 1 of the “playoffs” with…

  • Rapprochement with the base on immigration OR campaign finance reform, AND
  • One of the following…
    1. Fred Thompson doesn’t enter the race AND there’s a serious Rudy Giuliani gaffe OR
    2. Fred Thompson doesn’t enter the race AND there’s a serious Mitt Romney gaffe OR
    3. There are serious gaffes by Rudy Giuliani AND Mitt Romney
McCain neither helped himself enough, nor got any of the extra “help” he needed (the Romney dog thing doesn’t count). His supporters are disappointed, but no one is really surprised.

Final note: Rasmussen's latest head to head poll has John McCain trailing Hillary Clinton, 38%-47%. Those numbers kill any chance of an electability argument becoming the basis of a miracle comeback.

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I happen to like McCain and think that he ran a great outsider campaign in 2000.

His problem was that too many Republicans lost trust him because of the tax cut issue, immigration and campaign finance reform.

Instead of working to explain his positions on these issues and reminding people that he was right on issues such as Iraq troop strength back in 2003, McCain's campaign acted like he was the heir apparent and began to run a traditional campaign with a large staff, too much overhead and a degree of arrogance.

McCain will eventually leave the race, but he'll still go down as being one of the legislative giants of our time.

Posted by: Anthony at July 12, 2007 10:17 AM

If you're going to talk about the Republican nomination, and you love freedom, START TALKING ABOUT RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Sparky at July 12, 2007 11:08 AM

What we really don't need as a party is another pseudo-Republican as the figurehead of the party. "Compassionate Conservatism" lead to "Neo-conservatism" which lead to "That friggin moron in the Oval Office with his adviser the Prince of Darkness".

If we can't win on our ideals and ideas we don't DESERVE to win.

And before Bobby jumps in and says something about how unelectable any conservative would be in 2008, keep in mind that the Dems haven't received more than 50% of the vote since Carter so their message is resonating loud and clear with the American public and the American public doesn't like it.

Posted by: Greg at July 12, 2007 11:28 AM

McCain lost me when he donned the kneepads at the '04 convention and kowtowed to the same elements which trashed his wife and his family in South Carolina four years prior.
Then he sucked up to the Falwells and Robertsons just as badly as any Democrat ever sucked up to the Jacksons and Sharptons. He just tossed away the mantle of being an independent-minded Republican, and all the support he had from people who are tired of both parties. He had been a military and political profile in courage...and he threw it all away.

Posted by: Rhody at July 12, 2007 11:33 AM

I'm not a big McCain fan, and I think that most of his strength as a candidate in 2000 came from the willingness of the media to advance him as an alternative to Bush. Since the media have no need for him now for that purpose, he's not getting the kind of backing from them that helped him in the past.

Having said all that, I have to say that I am pleased with his steadfastness on the war, and he is actually beginning to look more attractive as a candidate . . . Not time to write him off yet.

Posted by: brassband at July 12, 2007 11:35 AM

Dear Greg,

You haven't been paying attention. I continue to predict a GOP win for President in 08. (Unless of course Bloomberg does something otherworldly, and yes, I'd help him) Lots of House and Senate losses, more statehouse defections country wide, almost no remnants of the GOP left here in RI, but they maintain the Presidency.

Posted by: Bobby Oliveira at July 12, 2007 11:58 AM


I'm positive that the entire nation is excitedly looking forward to continuing the "Same as it ever was" Do Nothing Congress under Pelosi and Reid. Lots of flash and distraction while nothing gets done.

Once we get Captain Cuckoo-Bananas out of the Oval Office, the Nation will want to give the new President the Congressional support he's going to need to rebuild the mess Bush will leave behind.

Step 1. Patriot Act meet Trash Can.

Step 2. Fix the F*&$ing immigration problem.

Step 3. A serious energy policy that doesn't have oral gratification for oil exec written into the law.

Posted by: Greg at July 12, 2007 12:21 PM

1.Politics can be VERY UNPREDICTABLE AND SURPRISING!In 1958 the GOP got creamed in Congressional Elections and two years later Nixon and Kennedy were REAL CLOSE!Actually the Dems actually lost seats in Congress while winning the White House in 1960!The Republicans CAN win the Presidency in 2008.If Hillary wins the Dem nomination her negative ratings are now high so she will start at a disadvantage although she can win but I don't think it will be easy regardless how she plls now against persective opponents.Do you think Al Gore will get in the race?
Factors like Iraq and other issues such as immigration will be important in 2008 we will see how it plays out nationally.Health care is likely to be an big issue also as well as homeland security possibly.
2.Norm Brunelle who was one of only three persons to actually be elected to public office as a Cool Moose has died.At different times he was elected to the Hopkinton Town Council as a Republican and Cool Moose.He received three Bronze Stars and a Purple heart.His mother died earlier this year being over 100 years old and he was in his early 80's,.His service is this Monday at 10:30 AM at St.Joseph's Church,Main Street in Hope Valley followed by a reception at the Fenner Hill Country Club,Wheeler Lane,off Main Street,in Hope Valley.Burial in the Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery will be private.Dessert donations will be accepted for the reception but is not necessary.There will be enough food for sure.Check out The Pro-Jo tomorrow for a story http://www.projo.com ,.Check out today's Westerly Sun obituary at http://www.thewesterlysun.com ,.
3.Today I learned I will be elected to the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Ashaway Fire District.I served previously from 1994-97,.This is the governing board of the district.One other person had filed but was disqualified as they had only recently registered to vote and did not meet the threshold to qualify.Politics is indeed unpredictable!
Scott Bill Hirst
Member,Hopkinton Town Council,1996-2004

Posted by: Scott Bill Hirst at July 12, 2007 5:59 PM

keep in mind that the Dems haven't received more than 50% of the vote since Carter
Actually, Carter got exactly 50% of the vote. Other than the Goldwater debacle NO Democrat since FDR has gotten 51% of the vote.
52% of likely voters in the last poll I saw claim they "never" will vote for the Wicked Witch.

Posted by: Mike at July 13, 2007 10:01 AM

McCain was finished the minute he supported Bush's amnesty bill.

Posted by: Mike at July 13, 2007 10:09 AM
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