May 2, 2007

Bilodeau Elected as New State College GOP Head

Marc Comtois

According to a press release issued by the RI GOP, URI College Republican Chair Ryan Bilodeau has been elected as the new head of the College Republican Federation of Rhode Island. Comments to this post hinted that a change was afoot within the RI College Republican ranks. From the outside, it would appear as if the majority of College Republicans are now more inclined to engage in the confrontational campus politics that the previous leadership found so abrasive.

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CRs in RI were quite tired of the usual do-nothing, nice-nice policies that have come to typify Republicans in RI. From Chafee to Wingfield, (both of whom are now sitting bench), the RINOs' time is up. The RIGOP needs serious change, and if there appears to be a rift in the Party, it's for a reason. The condescension of people like Chafee and Wingfield, people who believe that they are the true voice of RI Republicans, and who offer their "fatherly advice" to the rest of us, the underclass, about how and when to use our freedom of speech (and how and when to fight a war with a legitimate enemy, Chafee)...well, I'm pretty tired of it, and many others are as well. Republicans like this who comment on the successes of their fellow Republicans with contempt; when they themselves are speaking from the loser's podium, will find that they will soon be very lonely in our Party. The RIGOP will have my respect when they stop bleeding seats to a Party that steals money and power from The People every year without check...and when they can put a real Republican representative (at least one of four) back in Washington. Republicans in RI are a mess. And when leaders like Laffey and Bilodeau come along and reinvigorate people, bring excitement back to the Party, the RIGOP has nothing positive to say about them. It is a very sorry state of things when we as a Party cannot offer a discernable choice of candidates to the Rhode Island electorate. I wish Bilodeau much success in the coming year during his time at the helm of CRFRI. I have no doubt he’ll perform well, and I think the RIGOP will be seeing much more of him in the future.

Posted by: Justin Catalano at May 2, 2007 3:42 PM

yeah, your plan is really working. the governor barely wins and promptly sets about alienating everyone by tacking the right. get ready for Governor Cicilline, gang. also, congratulations on having no congressional seats. get used to that too.

Posted by: macdi at May 4, 2007 12:33 PM

Macdi, whoev that is, is totally right. The Gov. has neglected grassroots, his promise, to save his own seat. I don't know anything about his alienation of people. Not that it matters...he's nearly powerless. He can claim success against the Casino threat, but it had little to do with anything he did, personally (even comparatively slow Rhode Islanders saw that scam coming mile away). Governor Cicilline is a more than distinct possibility. Not that the Dems need a governor to govern, quite the contrary. But Cici wants the seat for his own personal gratification as an ego-maniac (first gay governor of RI), and all such other nonsense. Plus he has powerful and rich friends in the GA. He is a perfect fit as Governor (everybody watch your pockets, though, and we'll have more legal and illegal immigrants than we know what to do with). Although people have suggested that Chafee will run for Governor, I don't believe he will. I predict Laffey will run against the socialist...and lose (although wouldn't a Chafee-Laffey gubernatorial primary be fun? You know it would be). It is a sad state of affairs, but that's nothing new for us in the GOP. God save Rhode Island. But it's possible that he can't.

Posted by: Justin Catalano at May 4, 2007 5:31 PM
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