March 19, 2007

ProJo: RI's "secretary-of-state wannabes"

Marc Comtois

A week and a half later, the ProJo concurs with us:

...the problems of Rhode Island are many, deep and largely unaddressed....state legislators lack both the time and the expertise to seriously consider the complexities of Iraq. Any resolution they might pass would be entirely predictable and totally ineffective: Does Rhode Island need a foreign policy? No. Rhode Island doesn’t even have an economic policy. While the legislators grandstand on things like Iraq, of course, they are not doing the hard work that lawmaking for the state requires. First things first.

Some will laugh at the pretensions of our little secretary-of-state wannabes. Others will cry out in anger, assuming that legislators who throw their hats into the foreign-policy arena are really throwing fairy dust in the eyes of their constituents, who might otherwise demand that they do the jobs they were elected for. We feel that both reactions are perfectly legitimate.

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