February 11, 2007

On the Same Text-Book Page as the Projo

Justin Katz

Just to offer a hear, hear to the Projo's editorial on education in RI:

These proposed reforms are all excellent ideas. He also announced that he, House Speaker William Murphy, Senate President Joseph Montalbano, and representatives of labor, business, local government and other interests will work together to formulate what he called “Rhode Island’s 21st Century Education Plan.”

That’s a start and consensus is fine, but it’s a safe bet that endless talk will only produce a mush of reform, pretty much protecting the interests of those whose power created the status quo. What is truly needed is a vocal leader who will go over the heads of the special interests and fight doggedly for the interests of students.

Rhode Island needs to move aggressively toward practices that work well whenever they are tried: parental choice, competition between schools for students, rewards for the best teachers and accountability for the worst, contract language that allows administrators to manage and be held responsible for performance, and spending on benefits that is sustainable.

The longer we stumble down our current path, the more's the shame that we all bear, particularly those who benefit financially from Rhode Island's corruptocracy.

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All of the improvements that are mentioned are appropriate and will be vigorously opposed by the teacher unions. There will no substantial improvements in education in the 21st century or any other century if the teacher unions in this state retain their monopoly over the education system. NO improvements will be had until some or all of the power is wrested away from the unions by changing or revoking the statutes that empowered them in the first place. The day that happens is the day real reform starts.

Posted by: frank at February 12, 2007 8:27 AM
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