November 7, 2006

Numbers from the Senate Race...

Carroll Andrew Morse

US Senate: (84.1% of precints reporting)

Lincoln Chafee145,12546.7%
Sheldon Whitehouse165,48253.3%

To catch up, Chafee needs to win

  • 65.8% of the remaining vote, if 375,000 people voted.
  • 61.4% of the remaining vote, if 400,000 people voted.
  • 58.9% of the remaining vote, if 425,000 people voted.
It's over.
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I want to thank all of the right-wingers on this blog who voted for Sheldon. We could not have won the U.S. Senate without you!

Thanks to you, we are now able to roll back the tax cuts for the rich, end the illegal war in Iraq and make sure that anti-choice Supreme Court appointees don't see the light of day.

I used to think you guys were all morons but this year I may send you all Christmas gifts!


Posted by: THANKS! at November 8, 2006 2:02 AM
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