October 24, 2006

Still Tax Hell Rhode Island

Marc Comtois

"Rhode Island has the worst unemployment tax system, the worst property tax system, and the third worst individual income tax system." So says the Tax Foundation's latest "State Business Tax Climate Index" report (full report -> PDF). Also, Rhode Island ranks 48th in the Foundation's Individual Income Tax Index and 35th in both the Corporate and Sales Tax Indices. Put it all together, and RI ranks dead last, or first (depending on how you look at it). I guess we should be proud. We may be the smallest state, but we've got the largest overall tax burden! Yippee!

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YAY! And who will be to blame when the state totally fails?

You guessed it!

It will be Carcieri's fault!

Despite, of course, the last 75 years of Democrats running every facet of the state from the smoke-filled back rooms constantly pouring money down the toilet we like to call public sector union contracts.

Posted by: Greg at October 24, 2006 10:24 AM