October 16, 2006

Harsch and Lynch Agree on Three Debates

Carroll Andrew Morse

According to Edward Fitzpatrick in today's Projo, Attorney General Candidates Patrick Lynch and Bill Harsch have agreed upon a schedule of three debates...

  • Friday, October 20, WPRO-AM (The Dan Yorke Show)
  • Sunday, October 22, WPRI-TV (CBS 12)
  • Sunday, November 5, WJAR-TV (NBC 10)

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Good to see that we're going to get more than just a Dan Yorke kneepad session.

Of course, Channel 10 will air the debate at 12:30 on a weekday afternoon and then re-reun it at 6:30 am just to make sure that no voters will actually SEE it.

Posted by: Greg at October 16, 2006 9:33 AM

No shock the AG won't go on the Ahhlene show...Between her and Howie Barte's fundraising efforts for Harsch and the fact that all former (and current) AG's can't stand each other...ehh, the station and esp. Violet just stinks.

Posted by: Roger at October 18, 2006 9:21 PM