September 20, 2006

Robert Novak: Senate Republicans Still Hoping for Chafee’s Support on Bolton

Carroll Andrew Morse

Columnist Robert Novak (via The Conservative Voice) has an update on the status of John Bolton’s stalled nomination to the post of United Nations Ambassador. Apparently, Senate Republicans are still holding out hope that Senator Lincoln Chafee can be convinced to support the nomination, allowing it to move to the Senate floor…

Senate Republican Whip Mitch McConnell sat down Tuesday for a heart-to-heart talk with Chafee, pleading with him to permit Bolton's nomination to reach the Senate floor....

Chafee's avowed complaint, laid out in a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, had nothing to do with Bolton's performance at the UN. Chafee complained that U.S. Middle East policy under Bush tilted too much toward Israel, and demanded an answer before he would discuss Bolton's nomination.

Although the Bush administration generally answers letters from Capitol Hill with glacial speed, Rice immediately responded to Chafee. The senator, however, was in no hurry to get back to Washington from Rhode Island after his renomination. Thus, McConnell waited a week before pressing Chafee Tuesday to support Bolton (as he did last year) or at least permit the nomination to go to the Senate floor. The outcome of the meeting was not divulged.

Given Senator Chafee’s history on similar decisions, I think it is safe to assume that the non-divulged outcome was “I’ll think about it”.

Novak also notes that Senator Charles Schumer of New York is now likely to support Bolton’s nomination…

AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby, now backs Bolton, and the usually partisan Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer has indicated he will change his vote from last year and vote for cloture to end debate.
It’s going to be hard for a candidate who moves to the left of Charles Schumer on foreign policy to maintain a “I am the true moderate” façade.

Because Senator Chafee’s objection is not based on professional competence, but on an ideological disagreement with Bush administration policy towards Israel, it is not clear what type of UN ambassador the Senator would accept should he cast his vote against Ambassador Bolton.

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This is all just the beginning of sorrows.

Can you imagine what the future would have been like with a real leader from RI in the US Senate. Chafee is important because he is a Chafee, not because of any greatness within.

As William Bendix used to exclaim, "What a revolting development this is."

This predicament is to be laid at the feet of the NRSC and its diabolical leader Karl "The Butcher" Rove and his army of zombie puppets. Here is an outside force, the most powerful political machine ever conjured up, changing the course of RI history with a multi-million dollar negative attack campaign against a true reformer and fellow republican.

These people didn't stand on the sidelines and stay neutral, they effectively drove up Laffey's negatives with lies and twisted malice, while supplying their guy with a ground game he couldn't muster himself then, now or ever.

I guess that makes Chafee the biggest puppet of all. Trouble is Linc pulls his own strings. Reminds me of Pinocchio.

So lets see... Linc is Pinocchio, Karl Rove is the Wolf, Ken Melman is the Fox, Ian Lang is Lampwick, George Bush is Stromboli, John H. Chafee is Geppetto, Liddy Dole is The Blue Fairy, and John McCain or Larua Bush is Figaro. Sadly, as far as I can tell, Jiminy Cricket must be deceased because Chafee has no conscience.

J Mahn

Posted by: Joe Mahn at September 20, 2006 10:31 PM

Things to come. Chafee's wildly disloyal days before the primary.

Imagine what he'll be like if he wins in November, and is "safe" for another six years.

Another reason - as if we needed more - for real Republicans to try to flush him in November.

Posted by: Tom W at September 20, 2006 11:02 PM

Flush Chafee! I like the slogan, Tom W.

Posted by: roadrunner at September 21, 2006 5:40 PM