August 30, 2006

A Study Where it’s Good that Rhode Island is at the Bottom

Carroll Andrew Morse

Continuing the day-of-lists theme that seems to have developed, according to a study by the Trust for America’s Health, Rhode Island is the 48th most obese state in the nation (but still only second best in New England [h/t 7-to-7])...

  • Massachusetts 17.9% (49th)
  • Rhode Island 18.6% (48th)
  • Connecticut 18.9% (47th)
  • Vermont 19.1% (45th)
  • New Hampshire 19.9% (43rd)
  • Maine 21.3% (32nd)
Is it a coincidence that in an area where the government has little control, Rhode Island is virtually identical to its neighbors Massachusetts and Connecticut, yet in areas where government plays a more substantial role (like poverty or education), our performance is significantly worse?

Whatever the answer, I think the obvious way to celebrate Rhode Island's excellent rating in the obesity study is with a piece of “The Giving Cake” served by Gregg’s Restaurants. Part of the purchase price of every slice of Giving Cake is donated to Hasbro Children’s Hospital.