August 25, 2006

First District Republican Congressional Candidates: Let’s Win the War on Terror, Not Learn to Live with Terrorism

Carroll Andrew Morse

Last week, the Cumberland Valley Breeze ran an op-ed by Anna Quindlen on America’s attitude towards terrorism. If Ms. Quindlen believes that there is anything more important in responding to terrorism than learning to accept its permanence, she doesn’t mention it…

Living with ever-present danger is scarcely new, although we like to make it sound that way…The great shock to the American system is realizing that no fortress is inviolate, no wall tall enough and no place really safe. Metal detectors, random searches. No toothpaste in that carry-on. Safety is a useful illusion, as modern - and as vulnerable - as a skyscraper.
Fortunately, many Valley Breeze readers live in Rhode Island’s first Congressional district, where they will have the opportunity to vote for a Congressional candidates who do not share Ms. Quindlen’s dour view.

Republican Congressional candidate Jon Scott believes that America should aggressively confront terrorists before they launch attacks…

Jon is a strong supporter of the War on Terror and understands that the best defense against Homeland Security threats is an offense that seeks out terrorists and confronts them before they reach our shores. He supports any legislation that increases the resources available to our men and women in uniform as they carry out this global mission and believes that their success depends not only on our commitment to their welfare but to the welfare of the families that remain behind in the US.
Republican Congressional candidate Ed Leather is also clear that the goal of the United States should be to destroy terrorism, not to learn to live with it…
If you stay the course on the fight against terrorism, you will destroy it. We have to support the destruction of terrorism, 100%. We have the means to do it, but victory requires the political will of every citizen....

We need the political will to destroy terrorism, but only the voters can provide the political will by electing officials who will carry on this battle. Only you can provide the power to fight for a safer and more peaceful world for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. It may be a lengthy process, but we have no choice. We must stay the course on the fight against terrorism and we will win.

Incumbent Patrick Kennedy alludes to the War on Terror on his campaign website, in an expression of general support for a strong defense, but is unclear on whether he believes the goal of America’s anti-terror policy should be a simple truce or true victory
Following the tragedies of September 11, 2001, Congressman Kennedy joined with his colleagues in committing resources to improving our national security and to ensuring that our Armed Services are stronger and more effective than ever. Congressman Kennedy has long supported efforts to strengthen our military, to improve U.S. military readiness to a higher sustainable level of response, to maintain our nation's strategic depth, and to modernize our military through the use of the newest and most advanced technologies and capabilities.
Both Republican candidates are very clear on this issue. Shouldn’t voters expect their incumbent to be equally as clear?