July 11, 2006

National Recognition for Rhode Island's James Haldeman

Carroll Andrew Morse

The national media has picked up the story of Rhode Island's own James Haldeman, who is running for State Representative in the 35th district (South Kingstown).

Haldeman, a lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps, volunteered for duty in Iraq last year. As a result of his success in building civil-military relationships between Iraqis and Americans, Haldeman is now the only candidate for state legislature in the United States to receive an endorsement from the Mayor of Fallujah, Iraq...

The endorsement from Mayor Dhari Abdul Hadi al-Irssan describes Haldeman, 50, as Fallujah's "favorite USA colonel." Haldeman's translator in Iraq forwarded the endorsement to him by e-mail, said Chuck Newton, spokesman for the Rhode Island GOP.

According to Newton, Al-Irssan said he would support Haldeman for president if he chose to run.

"As flattered as I am, I think that to serve in (House) District 35 will be plenty for me right now," Haldeman said.

To learn more about Jim Haldeman and his reasons for running for office, check out his interview with Anchor Rising and his campaign website.

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Let’s see, the choice is between Haldeman and Shanley?

Or should I rephrase it, between someone who served his country in war and peace.
And a politician who refused to support the people’s right to address directly, issues of concern to them, i.e. Voter Initiative!

Remember this from the 30 May Projo?

As Rep. John Patrick Shanley (D.-South Kingstown) told voter-initiative supporters:

"Throw me out on my rear end if you don't like it!"

This is going to be a hard one!

Posted by: Aldo at July 11, 2006 3:00 PM

If I may engage in shameless commercialism for a moment...

Jim Haldeman will be one of the dinner speakers on Saturday, July 22 at the upcoming NFRA Northeast Conservative Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick ... Dinner tickets are only $65!

Posted by: Will at July 12, 2006 2:16 AM