May 15, 2006

Lieutenant Governor Charles Fogarty on Newsmakers: Immigration and Other Things

Carroll Andrew Morse

Presumptive Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Charles Fogarty appeared on WPRI-TV’s Newsmakers public affairs program this past Sunday. Here are some of the highlights of Steve Aveson, Ian Donnis, and Arlene Violet's questions and Lieutenant Governor Fogarty’s answers...

Arlene Violet asked about state-level polices related to immigration. Should local police be able to determine the immigration status of people they come into contact with?
Lieutenant Governor Charles Fogarty began his answer by addressing immigration in general; we need to enforce the laws we have and develop a comprehensive immigration policy that includes secure borders. With regards to the specific question, Fogarty gave an ambiguous answer that people who live here have to live by the laws here.

Violet asked if illegal immigrants should be allowed to pay in-state tuition at state colleges and about Rhode Island being only one of 4 states that provides health coverage to the children of illegal immigrants
Fogarty answered that students who have graduated from a Rhode Island high schools should be allowed to go on and the state shouldn’t deny coverage to 3,000 kids; they’ll end up in emergency rooms anyway.

Violet asked about the Education Partnership proposal for creating a single healthcare plan for Rhode Island teachers.
Fogarty answered that it is worth studying. He also mentioned transportation as something that might be consolidated.

The panel finished up with one quick question each...

Steve Aveson asked about the casino issue.
Fogarty answered that he is personally opposed, but wants to allow a vote.

Arlene Violet asked about the $100M windfall coming in from AIG. Should it be used for the pension fund or to pay for spending?
Fogarty answered the money should be invested and saved.

Ian Donnis asked Fogarty for 3 policy differences between himself and the Governor.
Fogarty answered that he is a leader in healthcare and has delivered results, that he will make small business an economic engine for Rhode Island, and he will be a leader in reforms like pension reform and campaign finance reform.