April 7, 2006

Background on Prof. Dennis Michaud

Marc Comtois

Here's some more background on the new apparent GOP candidate for governor, Dennis Michaud. (And here's the audio link of Dan Yorke breaking of the story). First is an academic article he co-wrote with Kaitlyn A. Murphy about the Quonset Development Corporation. (The article is available for a fee). Michaud made reference to his work on the QDC in a ProJo Op-Ed (July 2005) he co-authored with other Brown University professors in support of Beacon Mutual's bid to privatize. The piece was aimed at showing how Governor Carcieri was inconsistent in approving the QDC's privatization via separation from RIEDC but opposing the privatization of Beacon Mutual. (As previous posts have shown, it's not quite that cut and dried). Finally, Prof. Michaud wrote about the responsibilities that the boards of public companies have in performing oversight on company management in the April 2005 edition of the Michael A. Kelly "Alert" (PDF). (He was also credited as being director of Brown University's Corporate Governance Initiative at that time).

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I've never seen an academic with so little published material available on the web. Mr. (Dr.?) Michaud is really something of a mystery man, isn't he?

Posted by: John at April 7, 2006 4:37 PM

If you wish to see more of Prof. Michaud's work you can do so be going to SSRN.com . This is a site that offers the most current social science research. Three papers should be of interesting note for the readers.

The first is:

Recent Technical Papers in Corporate Governance. The SSRN abstract # is 895520. You can open the link to the abstract up and you will then be prompted to several websites where you can download this rather extensive paper for free including; the European Corporate Governance Institute, the American Enterprise Institute / Brookings Institute. Joint Center for Regulation, and Stanford Law School.

The Second is

"Empowering Board Audit Committees: Electronic Discovery to Facilitate Corporate Fraud Detection" The SSRN absrtract # is 896004. You can open the link to the abstract and then be prompted to sites to download the paper as a PDF for free.

The third is: Multinational Energy Firms in the Caspian Basin: A Bayesian Approach to Incorporate Political Risk in Corporate Strategy. The SSRN abstract # is 555401. You can open the link to this paper and then download it for free. The best free download links are: The Stanford Law School Working Paper Series, and the European Corporate Governance Institute Paper Series.

Hope this provides you all with links to some of Professor Michaud's recent work.

Posted by: jennifer at April 17, 2006 4:59 PM