February 5, 2006

Senator Chafee on 10 News Conference: Segment 4

Carroll Andrew Morse

Here is a brief summary of Senator Lincoln Chafee’s February 5 appearance on the WJAR-TV (Channel 10) public affairs program 10 News Conference (Sundays, 6:30 am)…

Jim Taricani asks about Steve Laffey’s criticism of Chafee over Alito. Is he concerned that he could lose the primary?
Senator Lincoln Chafee answers that Mayor Laffey is the Democrats’ favorite person. Chafee says his key to winning is high turnout and unaffiliated voters.

Bill Rappleye asks if that means winning requires convincing non-Republicans to vote in the Republican primary.
Chafee answers that he’s not giving up on anyone, and that he represents core Republican values, like civil liberties and strong environmentalism. Chafee acknowledges that Republican voters are mad at him.

Rappleye asks if the President has offered assisstance.
Chafee replies that he’s offered to help.

Rappleye asks if he wants the President to come to RI.
Chafee replies that he’s not hypocritical. He doesn’t want the President to come if he doesn’t support the President's agenda. McCain might come in support of Chafee, however.

Finally, the panel asks about the Senator’s legislative style.
Chafee answers that he is definitely less confrontational than Steve Laffey, and works hard to bring people to together. When asked for example of this, he cited the “Gang of 14” deal on filibusters and judges that had prevented “the shutdown of the Senate”.

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Simply don't have the time to comment on all the hypocracies and deceit embedded in this intervew. I initially counted over ten of them. I have commented enough for awhile on this man's complete lack of integrity. I am even beginning to bore myself with it.

It is so obvious that this addled person thoroughly enjoys the fact that "Repubublican voters are mad at him". And he states that the key to winning is "unaffiliated voters".

SO WHY DOES HE REMAIN A REPUBLICAN??? He has just acknowledged in no uncertain terms that his support comes from independents.

The answer remains clear: Lack of integrity (oops, I said it again), pathological need for the spotlight, continuation of pulling the fire alaram antics from first grade (thanks-Ian), egomania, and narcissism.

Posted by: bountyhunter at February 5, 2006 9:25 AM

It's just a matter fo time before Chafee bolts and runs an independent. When you need non-Republicans to win a Republican primary you are in big trouble. To add to it, with Democratic primaries going on at all levels at the same time, you are in deep trouble. Also, Laffey, as shown by 2004 primary, can appeal to independents. Many independents in this state are closet Republicans. While nearly all liberals are out in the open Democrats. Some independents may come to the Republican primary, but a majority of them will vote for Laffey. Chafee is in a prison of his own creation. Only by coming out of the closet and becoming an independent will he be free.

Posted by: Fred Sanford at February 5, 2006 1:35 PM

Hmmm, lets see, Chafee knows now that Republicans aren't going to vote for him. Hmmm, RSCC says they don't need any republicans to win a primary. Hmmm, Everyone seems to know that Laffey will smoke Chafee in a primary. Hmmm, Chafee writes op ed appealing to left wing move on.org crowd to apologize for not going for filibuster rather than explained to base (the republican base) why he didn't vote for Alito.

OK so hee it is. Chafee's base is the move on.org crowd and he couldn't give a hoot about republicans. So who's gong to vote for him now. His only chance is to become an Unafilliated (independent) candidate. Hamlet will wait until the end and leave. Read the tea leaves my friends.

Posted by: Joe L at February 5, 2006 4:18 PM

Chafee is pitiable.

J Mahn

Posted by: Joe Mahn at February 5, 2006 11:24 PM

Well, as if I didn't need a reminder why I don't wake up early to watch 10 News Conference.

"Senator Lincoln Chafee answers that Mayor Laffey is the Democrats’ favorite person."

This is what you say when you don't actually have anything to say. It's a nice "non answer," but without objective substance to back it up, it is a rather meaningless assertion.

As for being "less confrontational" than Laffey, that's because Chafee is afraid to take a stand on anything. When you don't have core principles, it's pretty darn easy to be non-confrontational when defending them.

Posted by: Will at February 6, 2006 1:17 AM

Just what we need. Someone non-confrontational, yet provocative in his anti-war rhetoric, liberal enough to solicit help from "Independents" i.e., left wingers, and friendly with moveon.org.

Doesn't he realize there is also a Democrat prinary with some pretty liberal candidates competing with him for the same independents? The Senescent Man predicts he will lose the primary, and that he won't run as an independent even in the face of polls which will show him losing badly weeks before the September primary.

Bye-bye Linc.

Posted by: Chuck Nevola at February 6, 2006 9:16 PM