January 25, 2006

State of the State: Reform Proposals

Carroll Andrew Morse

Governor Carcieri proposes reform in four areas...

1. Reform eminent domain!
2. Reform medical malpractice insurance!
3. Pass voter initiative!
4. Reform predatory tax-lien sales!

And amending the state constitution to serve the interests of an out-of-state casino corporation would be a "travesty". (Note: big applause here.)

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The governor was on a roll tonight. Was that democratic response afterwards downright pathetic or what?

Glad you noted the applause when he mentioned the out-of-state gaming interests wanting a constitutional amendment. Not good news, Mr. Sachem. Obviously, it would be a terrible precedent. If you think there's corruption in Rhode Island now, just wait and see what comes if this ever came to fruition.

Posted by: Will at January 26, 2006 12:54 AM