December 16, 2005

It’s not Unpatriotic to be Incoherent

Carroll Andrew Morse

Just a reminder: conservative criticism of Democratic foreign policy is not based on a belief that Democrats are “unpatriotic”. It's based on the belief that Democrats are “incoherent”. Here’s Exhibit A of Democratic incoherence, courtesy of the Washington Post (h/t OpinionJournal)…

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said yesterday that Democrats should not seek a unified position on an exit strategy in Iraq…

Pelosi said Democrats will produce an issue agenda for the 2006 elections but it will not include a position on Iraq….

"There is no one Democratic voice . . . and there is no one Democratic position," Pelosi said in an interview with Washington Post reporters and editors….

Her comments ruling out a caucus position appeared to put Pelosi at odds with some other party officials. Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean recently said Democrats were beginning to coalesce around a strategy that would pull out all troops over the next two years. Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said on the day Murtha offered his plan, "As for Iraq policy, at the right time, we'll have a position."

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Amazing. The same politicians who have been steadily castigating the President for not having a plan for Iraq have declared that, as a matter of policy, they will not have a plan for Iraq.

Posted by: John Schulien at December 17, 2005 10:15 AM