November 21, 2005

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Does It Again

Michelle Malkin has written a posting entitled What are your kids learning about Islam? which discusses a 9th Circuit Court decision and includes this quote from a newspaper article on the decision:

Edward White of the Thomas More Center, the attorney in the case for the two children and their parents, said he will ask the full appeals court for a rehearing. He said the panel failed to address his argument that the district violated parents' rights.

"What happened in this classroom was clearly an endorsement of religion and indoctrination of children in the Islamic religion, which would never have stood if it were a class on Christianity or Judaism,'' White said.

Malkin has posted excerpts of the actual Islam simulation curriculum in the referenced posting and also provides a link to more curriculum information.

Stop the ACLU has a related posting referenced by Malkin which sums up the key concerns:

...You can bet if the children were subjected to participate in a Christian themed role playing game such as a nativity scene in a [Christmas] Winter Break play that the Seperation of Church and State Clause of the Living Document would have had precedent. However, since its not Christianity, the 9th Circus found it o.k. to indoctrinate into children. Where is the ACLU on this one? Anyone? How is it that Gideons giving out little new testaments are found as a threat, but teaching children to recite Muslim prayers is not? So they had the choice to opt out, just like voluntary prayer, or reciting the pledge without using “Under God”, but somehow this is different. Please, Congress split this Circus up!

Can we find a teacher out there willing to make some Muslim students pretend to be Christians for a few weeks? You know, just to better understand the culture and all.

This just keeps on getting more and more absurd.

Here are some postings dedicated to offering counter-arguments to this nonsense:

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The last posting is a more comprehensive overview of these issues:

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Well said.

Posted by: doubled at November 22, 2005 3:27 PM

Can we please just focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic? We are spending so much time "educating" about multiculturalism that we are not giving our children the essentials they need to be competent as adults.

I strongly protest the idea of having children "pretend" to be Muslim. Some of the content in the link provided is really unbelievable. I agree that if Muslim's were asked to do what the 9th circuit is asking Christians to do, it would be mayhem. This seems like indoctrination to Islam...which is exactly what they want.

Posted by: K in RI at November 23, 2005 11:14 AM