October 20, 2005

Hurricane Wilma Update

Carroll Andrew Morse

Greetings to readers from outside of New England! These updates are targeted to the concerns of New Englanders, and the times and events cited may not be relevant to hurricane preparations elsewhere. Please consult the National Hurricane Center for the most up to date nationwide information.

Projected Entry into the North Atlantic (off Florida coast): Early-Monday Morning
Projected Arrival at New England Latitudes: Mid-Tuesday Morning

The National Hurricane Center is continuing to stretch out the time that Wilma spends in the Gulf of Mexico. They are NOT slowing down the speed of the storm once it enters the North Atlantic.

Again, I emphasize that the forecast does not yet imply that Wilma is likely to strike Rhode Island (the 5AM discussion didnít mention New England at all), BUT if we wait until the storm enters the North Atlantic before starting any preparations, we will have only 24-36 hours to do everything we need to do, IF the storm turns in our direction.