October 3, 2005

Rhode Islanders for Miers Launches Campaign

Marc Comtois

I just received a missive regarding potential SCOTUS Justice Harriet Miers and thought it worthy to place before our fine readership. (Which, I'm sure, was the ultimate goal of the senders). The jist of the email was to call for a fair confirmation process, similar to that just completed in the case of Justice Roberts. But there was also some talk of Ms. Miers qualifications

Steering Committee member Joseph B. White stated, “President Bush has once again put forth an extremely capable nominee who embraces mainstream principles of social tolerance, privacy and homeland security. With a career founded on community service, she carries the heart, the passion and the intellect that our nation has come to expect from its Supreme Court justices.”

“Ms. Miers has real-world experience,” said Steering Committee member Fain Gildea. She continued, “Her background as a trial attorney is comforting and the fact that she served as the first female president of a large Dallas law firm and later as the first woman elected president of the state bar is inspiring.”

Steering Committee member Lloyd Monroe added, “Associate Justice Nominee Harriet Miers will bring important practical experience to the Supreme Court earned outside of the bench. Miers, like Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, also has experience in local and state government through her service on the Dallas city-council and later as presiding officer over the Texas Lottery Commission.”

Um... I wouldn't get too carried away with the Lottery stuff if your aim is to endear Miers to conservatives, guys! Setting that aside, the organization does offer some useful points regarding her practical, extra-judicial experience.

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I recognize the names but who is the driving force behind these committee? what is the name of this committee?

Posted by: Robert at October 3, 2005 5:56 PM

Actually, you're correct. I should have included such info (I did in the original draft but for the sake of conciseness chopped it down). I don't have the email handy, but it is something like "The Committed to Ensure Fair Confirmation of Harriet Miers" or something and its titular head is former Gov. Lincoln Almond.

Posted by: Marc Comtois at October 3, 2005 7:27 PM

The new "Rhode Islanders for Harriett Miers Committee" (sp?) is essentially the same group of Republicans that were part of the "Rhode Islanders for John Roberts" committee. I believe that I know everyone involved in it, which interestingly enough, consists of people on both sides of the Chafee/Laffey primary. However, I think it is a "committee in name only" to use a play on words -- more or less an informal coalition of like-minded people, who are for the President's nominee(s). I don't think it's a PAC or something formal like that. It's more "ad hoc" than anything else. I'll be very interested to eventually see how Chafee comes down on this one.

Posted by: Will at October 4, 2005 1:23 AM

You're correct wrt the composition and purpose of the Miers committee. I just supplied they're P.O.V. in the interest of explaining why some Republicans think Miers is a good pick. Not sure if the Laffey/Chafee contest is really even germane.

Posted by: Marc at October 4, 2005 8:13 AM