September 18, 2005

Cutting the Fat: The New Porkbuster Site

Andrew has started the debate here in Rhode Island, asking why we are spending highway bill pork in RI at a time of national need in New Orleans.

In what is likely to be another example of how the blogosphere is changing politics, take a look at this posting from Instapundit about various bloggers looking for pork awarded their state in the recent highway bill, including Andrew's posting.

Instapundit extends the pork debate with this important additional posting, linking to this interesting porkbuster site from Truth Laid Bear that is the result of an idea developed by TLB and Instapundit. Congratulations to them for such a good idea.

So how do you think our Senators Chafee and Reed as well as our Congressmen Langevin and Kennedy will respond to this responsible idea of porkbusting?

Maybe we should ask each of them...

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I propose saving $20 bn a year by ending the war on drugs.

Bust Pork, Not Drugs

Posted by: M. Simon at September 21, 2005 12:37 PM