September 18, 2005

Same Old Story: Clinton is a Deceitful & Dishonest Man Who Has No Principles

This story shows the latest example of just how unprincipled a man Bill Clinton is.

Power Line has a strongly-worded response.

For a man who (i) had shady dealings with a range of Communist Chinese or their agents; (ii) passed up an opportunity to capture bin Laden when he was offered to the USA before 9/11; (iii) treated terrorism as a police action matter against which to lob a few cruise missiles; (iv) ran $300 billion budget deficits until the Republicans took over Congress in 1994 and reduced spending enough to yield surpluses; (v) took personal credit for the Cold War peace dividend achieved by President Reagan; (vi) decimated the US military after the Cold War; (vii) brought dishonor to the White House by his personal behavior; (viii) created the legacy of perpetual campaigning; and, (ix) took the techniques of personal destruction against political opponents to a unprecedented level, Bill Clinton certainly has chutzpah.

And he has no grace. That is why history will show him for what he is: a petty small-state governor whose personal charisma allowed him to reach heights where his lack of values then made him a spineless man who had to triangulate because he didn't have the backbone to lead like a real man.

Small and inconsequential to the long-term history of America. That will be his legacy as President - unless we let him succeed in his unilateral effort to rewrite history.

Not in our lifetime, Slick Willie.


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