August 17, 2005

Teaching the Boundaries of Science

Justin Katz

My latest column, "Life in an Unfinished World," takes up the evolution v. intelligent design dispute. The religious-like fervor of those who oppose intelligent design raises the question of whether they think any aspects of society rightly impinge on science. Contrary to frequent insistence that intelligent design be taught — if at all — in religion or philosophy classes, no more important lesson can be taught to American schoolchildren than that science has culturally and methodologically defined boundaries.

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Great post. The problem is that secular fundementalists are so attached to their dogma that reason will not prevail in any debate. For them science, whether it be pseudo or bad science, is better than any competing theory.

When dealing with Darwinists just ask them if they also support Darwin's "Descent of Man" which is the basis for the racism of Hitler and Sanger and eugenics.

The secular fundamentalists embrace of "science" is about as honest as Marxists or the Nazis.

Posted by: Thomas Jackson at August 18, 2005 1:26 AM