August 13, 2005

Bob Kerr, Lies, and Indirection

Carroll Andrew Morse

If Bob Kerr wants to call President Bush a liar, he shouldn’t hide behind a grieving mother to do so. Does Kerr himself think that President Bush is a liar? He doesn’t quite make it that far, he only gets to a point where he can tell us…

It's as if the truth has laid siege to the vacation White House.
He lets someone else make the charge of lying for him…
He could have used his standard bromides -- "noble cause," "the right of Iraqis to live in freedom." And [Cindy] Sheehan could have disagreed with him, told him she considers the reasons for the war to be lies.
Does Kerr believe that it is a lie that Iraqis have a right to live in freedom. Or does Cindy Sheehan believe that it is a lie that Iraqis have a right to live in freedom? Or do Kerr and/or Sheehan believe it is a lie that President Bush believes that Iraqis have a right to live in freedom? It’s hard to tell, given the indirection that Kerr expresses himself with. Whatever the case, if Bob Kerr believes that the United States best protects itself by ignoring governments that crush the freedom and the lives of their people, which seems to be the center of the lie he is talking about, he should come out and say so in his own name.

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I'm really getting tired of the Left's use of the word "lie". They don't really seem to understand its meaning (a la Bill Clinton).

Mistakes have been made surrounding the conflict in Iraq but Dems insist on saying Bush lied when, in fact, he was merely mistaken (WMDs).

Let's buy each one of them an new Webster's and hope they shut the hell up!

Posted by: thc at August 14, 2005 10:01 PM