August 9, 2005

Maybe the Candidates have a Position on UN Reform

Carroll Andrew Morse

Still waiting for Senator Chafee's office to answer my inquiries about UN reform. In the meantime, I sent the following inquiry to the official campaign e-mail addresses of the three Democratic candidates campaiging for US Senate (in alphabetical order by last name), Matt Brown, Carl Sheeler, and Sheldon Whitehouse.

The AnchorRising weblog would like to know Candidate {name}'s position on the following issue…

There are currently two United Nations reform bills before the United States Senate: S1394, which authorizes the withholding of dues if specific reform criteria are not met; and S1383, which leaves any withholding of dues related to failure to reform to the discretion of the President. Does the candidate support either of these reform proposals?

More detailed information about the UN reform proposals is available here.

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I'm fairly certain the Sheeler camp feels the current state of the U.S.'s foreign policy is woefully inadequate.

The U.N. can be a tool for peacekeeping and humanitarian good and ease tensions as an entity instead of a sovereign nation.

The U.S. looks small minded by withholding dues if the manner in which the UN executes its policies are not to its liking.

The real question is whether adhering to the greater good increases the status of the U.S. and nations who want their rightful slice of the global pie of health, peace and prosperity.

Posted by: SP 4 CLS at August 10, 2005 7:37 PM