November 11, 2004

Anti-Specter Details Needed

Carroll Andrew Morse

I'd like to offer a suggestion to the conservatives mounting a challenge to Arlen Specter's chairmanship of the Senate judiciary committee. They need to do a better job explaining what exactly the powers of a committee chair are, and exactly how a committee chair can frustrate the appointment process in a way that any other indivdual Senator cannot.

I'm not sure that the general public understands that committee chairmen are more than just the time-keepers during hearings. Some detail about how legislative committee chairmen can use scheduling and other powers to dominate the legislative process would help explain the urgency of their campaign.

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I wonder whether Sen. Santorum, Karl Rove, and Pres. Bush regret their support for Specter. Makes you wonder if Rove & Co. will support Chaffee in a Rep. primary against (dare i say it) Mayor Laffey.

Posted by: Tom at November 12, 2004 4:02 PM